Sunday, December 12, 2010

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Starting off the week I found an article referring to a online organization about meg-a-cities and urban planning, I have not had time to look into the actual planning site according to the video they have four basic designs for urban planning. One thing for sure is that as we continue to grow we need some serious planning. I am looking forward to investigating this a little deeper, curious about the other three.

2) One of the big scares of the people who follow a literal interpretation of religious doctrine is humans having control over what is considered God’s creation, and grand plan. Well having man create matter and anti matter from a vacuum surly falls into that arena, whether that is in a laboratory or not is not important. This will probably muddy the waters a little more.

3) Wow, doing this blog about Gregg Zone topics on a computer oriented site how could I miss with a headline like “ ’Crop Circles’ in Cyberspace” this actually turned out to be a quite disturbing article about how our financial world is morphing into something entirely different than that we have been used to. I found this to be one of those things that scare me on a level I am not quite sure I understand, but very interesting.

4) It seems that the WikiLeaks story has a little bit of something either good or bad for everyone I have my hopes pinned on something interesting coming out along the lines of this article. According to Mr. Assange, there will be some new UFO information coming in the next info dump. This might make for a more interesting news cycle in the near future.

5) Okay here is something that might be interesting on a geeky level. Seems there is a movement to buy a communication satellite, and move it. Not to sure where they want to move it, or how, the site seems a little lacking on details, but might be worth checking into on several levels.

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