Sunday, January 02, 2011

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Well it is a new year, and the beginning of a new decade, so why not start off with something that may indicate a rather extreme path to lowering foods world ecological impact. Well maybe, I first noted this subject a year or two back, and now it seems to be coming back. Here is another twist to ink jet printing, how about printing up dinner? Sorry think I will pass, but this looks like it will come sooner or later.

2) Keeping with the New Year theme here is a link to 95+ predictions for the web to be coming next year, we will have to see. This year has a pretty low bar to top in order to be an improvement over the events of last year.

3) This is just one of those sites I am putting up that I have not had time to look into but it looked promising so I thought I would toss it in here, I am always looking for better searching tips.

4) This is another subject that has always fascinated me; the understanding of the human brain has got to be the most important line of research. After all what line of study can be more basic than understanding our method of interfacing with our reality? If that interface is through the human brain it seems to me that everything else starts right here. The savants seem to connect in a much more direct way, even if it is limited in scope.

5) And for my first geek link of the year, how about 150 of the best Windows App’s from 2010, there should be a tasty tidbit of something here for just about everyone.

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