Sunday, January 09, 2011

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I have decided to start off with something to take use some spare time, that is if you have any. This is the third link I have used from the Galaxy Zoo interactive citizen science participation site. This one is not for anything off planet, they are looking for people to enter data from old weather reports from early shipping.

2) This is another area I touched on a year or two back, looks like this may be coming soon. I am referring to using light flickering office lighting to transmit data in an office setting. Since the lighting is confined to the room, without the need for unnecessary outside access it saves on speed and security. http://www.cbsnews.coml

3) We have speculated that the phones will someday be just implanted at birth, well here is another step down that road. You can now buy a device that uses brain waves to control your phone. I am not going to go too far with this as I feel a rant coming on.

4) With all of the dead birds raining from the sky, beaches and rivers littered with dead fish and sea life, there is a lot of talk as to why. Some of the edgier stuff is interesting to read and therefore attracts me. There is a lot of talk about H.A.A.R.P. and their weather modification projects. That got me to looking around found several stories about Dubai making rain in the desert. Most stories blown out of proportion, this one a little more down to earth, and interesting read.

5) I read this about how an April fool’s day joke became reality, kind of like sci-fi it just plants the basic idea, and someone will run with it.

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