Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Apple's subscription plan: Time for an app work stoppage | ZDNet

In my opinion, Apple has gone too far. It is one thing to offer an in-app subscription as an option with the 30% terms. It is quite another thing to force anyone selling subs outside of the app to also offer them inside of the app and at the same price. If publishers raise prices to give Apple its cut, it will then raise prices on everyone, some who are not even using an iOS device. I think that this is the most arrogant, outrageous thing Apple has ever done. I love my iOS devices and I love the products Apple has developed, but forcing this is just plain wrong and totally greedy.

Apple, get a clue before the big guys get together and pull their apps. Apple, you will lose hardware sales. Apple certainly will lose my loyalty if I lose Kindle, Netflix and Zinio on the iPad.

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  1. The other catch is that Google One Pass isn’t suggesting you have to keep the price the same. The content providers can charge more of the convenience of in-app purchasing. However, Apple knows that the one-click convenience (an Amazon patent, by the way) of purchasing isn’t worth 30% to any consumer who would all be more than happy to brave the dreadful browser opening experience to save 30% per month.


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