Sunday, February 06, 2011

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) To start off the week another of those nano-solar promises for the future, I have seen so many of these breakthrough concepts, supposedly with a proven new process, it makes me wonder when demand will out-weigh supply enough to encourage development of these new products into the solar energy market. It seems to me venture that capitol is being held back due to a fear of becoming obsolete during the introductory period. It just might be technology is moving to fast to be efficient, but that seems to be a difficult idea to argue either way.

2) Well once again it is that time of year when super bowl madness takes over Las Vegas; while I do not follow any sports, including football. I thought I should at least find something related. I literally hate commercials, dislike television in general, and have very little interest in football, I have actually taken interest in super ball commercials. Here is a link to over 30 of the old ones in case you might like to trip down memory lane before the game.

3) For those who use Chrome, it seems there is a new version out Chrome 9. Seems we don’t have to do anything, according to the article it updated without any interaction on my part. I checked as the article said, and lo and behold I am running 9.0.597.84. Of course I have no idea what I was running before, so I have to take their word for it. Now I need to do a little research to see what has been introduced in the new version.

4) This is a link to an interesting article talking about the comparison of the Silicone Valley geek set with the Roman Legion. It is an intriguing take on venture capital, development of world trade, the fear of rip-off products, and several other considerations. There are defiantly a few different takes on several subjects, just a good read in my quest to get a grip on where we might be heading in our planet development project. After all in an interesting way we are busy terraforming the planet in many different ways, for better or worse.

5) And now, as usual something geeky that just flies just out of reach of my personal radar due to my lack of interest in the phone, or mobile device market. However this looks like it may have much broader implications. It seems to me that the eventual evolution for internet and phone connectivity will be something like broadcast television, or radio. That is just as free as the air we breathe, the emphasis of money being made by using the media as a vector to sell goods and services increasing, as opposed to the selling of basic connectivity diminishing which only limits the market place in general through a process of monetary selectivity of access to the market. The problem with that is by necessity the process eliminates more and more people, by being more and more restrictive based on affluence. Even the poorest among us spend money on goods and services, but they still need access to the market.

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