Sunday, February 20, 2011

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Not very green, but what can I say. Anyhow, this is another of those world changing techy things that sets off my ‘I don’t know if I like that meter’. In the article I fall on the yes this will change the world, but I don’t like that idea. I put up a link to a T.E.D. lecture about this coming out of India a while back, I just see to many social problems with this, but I have been told I worry to much, so I will just watch and see.

2) Now for something a little more to my liking. This is an article about communicating with aliens, that is of the off planet variety. I think this is a very good approach to what seems to me, short of discovering the existence of babble fish a monumental task. Especially when you consider the possible problems needed to be overcome, due to the complexity of language multiplied by the differences in environment and development. Learning to develop a two way conversation with dolphins seems to be a good start.

3) The idea of a very big advancement in radio broadcast technology sort of seems to be a so what story, that is until you dig a little deeper. This might have some rather large implications for the future in more areas than meet the eye.

4) I almost went right by this article because when I saw the title I was thinking more military defense stuff, but when I started reading I realized they were talking computer switching and more to do with advancing computer technology. I am not to sure where all of this is heading, I am beginning to think I will need one of those reincarnation type reboots to understand very much more, luckily so far none of this is necessary for me yet.

5) Geek link this week short and easy, an interactive broadband map of the United States, making it easier to plan your next move.

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