Sunday, March 06, 2011

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I was not too surprised when I read this article to see that there is more to green technology than usually meets the eye. They changed the fuel used in this experiment, but continued to use the old vehicle power plants, the environmental savings were negligible.

2) Manchester airport is replacing people with holograms, while this is not surprising; I do find the trend a little disturbing. The replacement of people with technology while inevitable, it seems to me there should be an emphasis to replace those jobs, and replace them at a level that will create positions comparable to the original. We not only need to use technology to make money for corporations, we need to use technology to create jobs at a level comparable to the available work force.

3) I have seen several stories touting the finding of life off planet, this one seems different. Once again out of NASA comes what may be the proverbial smoking gun. This has the sound of the real deal. They took several precautions prior to releasing the story. This will need to be followed for a while.

4) Along the lines of technology taking off at an astounding rate of advancement, coupled with their coming of age in a Star Trek generation. They have announced the viability of a tractor beam. I think we will soon see something really big on the horizon. Personally I am torn between the statements ‘I can’t wait’, and ‘stop the planet I want off’.

5) I have been wondering for a while now just how crowded the tech air waves can get, this might offer some clue that unless something changes we may top out at some point.

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