Sunday, March 27, 2011

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) When I first read this article announcing the discovery of cheap fuel cells, I was intrigued thinking back about things I had read in the past that hydrogen fuel cells to power electric cars would be one of the most efficient and cleanest way to operate a car. They may have found the price breakthrough to make the technology work at an affordable cost.

2) Someone sent me this short video about creating kinetic art or as the artist refers to them created life forms, that description might be considered a bit of an exaggeration, but I thought it was pretty cool from the art appreciation

3) I am constantly amazed at the discoveries relating to our solar system, universe, and our position in the grand scheme of things. Somehow the ‘we are unique in the universe’ argument always seemed sort of empty to me, considering the actual size and complexity as we discover more and more our uniqueness appears to be mostly egocentric.

4) Every now and then, and lately at an increasing rate I seem to run into these stories in the news that make me wonder just what they are thinking. According to this article we are getting ready to drill all the way into the earth’s mantle. Now I am sorry but is it only me that thinks this sounds like creating your own personal volcano. I hope they chose the site well, and use disposable equipment.

5) Sometimes I wonder about those make money at home sites usually I just pass them by, this caught my eye though. I personally think the problem with a large part of the world is lack of education; the education factor seems to be the great dividing line between most of the divides in human relations around the world. Educated people are harder to control through fear and repression, and more able to react effectively. I think we will see a day when small devices (education in a box) are dropped from air like leaflets containing an entire education designed for the residents of a given area. Using devices that are solar powered and rechargeable, implying concepts like the Khan Academy to teach math, reading, and the basics, we could change the world.

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