Sunday, April 10, 2011

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) I thought the idea of reusing offshore oil rig platforms once the oil has played out to be an interesting concept. This article covers some of the pros and cons of using them for condos. I thought the cons out weighed the pros, however I agree with the research part of the concept. Seems to be a natural to study tidal energy production simultaneously along with wind and solar. Who knows properly applied they may provide more energy than the oil.

2) When it comes to pushing the envelope it is hard to beat the Virgin group, this is a link to their latest submarine, looks more like a space shuttle with a picture window for a porthole. I listened to an interview about this a while back; I was surprised though not shocked to hear that it was more of a challenge to go to the bottom of the ocean, than to go to the moon. Mr. Branson is going in both directions, nice to see someone spending the wealth collected from the populace, to benefit the populace.

3) Now when it comes to childhood dreams, I remember in my youth how I liked the whole idea of a jet pack to get above the fray. Well it seems that now you can have your own, or invest in the beginning of the world jet pack movement, or not. The part of this article that intrigued me was the unmanned transport device. To transport over 200 lbs. 30 miles using an unmanned remote controlled device, and do it with something that needs no air strip, and will fit in the back of a minivan. Makes me think about Supai Arizona, where they use mule trains to deliver the mail, and stock the stores.

4) I have read a few articles about theories concerning early civilizations from thousands of years ago, the biggest being Atlantis, but there are many more out there. This one about the Neanderthals having an advanced society might be a little out there, but it is food for thought.

5) Not sure if anyone is interested in Mac videos, but I saw this attracting a lot of interest on the net so I thought I would toss it in here. For me they are only good as late night fare, trying to get bored enough to go to sleep. But, that is me, your mileage may differ.

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