Sunday, April 24, 2011

Links from the Gregg Zone

1} Now, I think this is great news. Hertz has announced that starting very soon (like next week), you will be able to rent electric cars. If you have wanted to try driving one, you may now have that opportunity. This may be a very big step allowing people to test a car for a few days to help make a large decision.

2} I thought this was very interesting, while I do not know enough people in both camps to decide for myself it seems somehow logical to me. The idea that Mac, and PC people are different seems obvious, but how and where is interesting, and may prove of use to the observant.

3) This is a video about the inner workings of Google’s data center, for those who might see that as interesting as a trip to the back gate of area 51.

4) We covered passwords several times in the past. When I read this article going into the breaking of them I was sort of comforted and relieved by the difficulty, but not sure if that is dangerous thinking or not, I suppose time will tell.

5) Last link of the day, just an article about the tit for tat, Samsung /Apple law suit back and forth going on over phone design.

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