Monday, May 23, 2011

Ubunto 11.04 slow?

I installed Ubuntu 11.04 shortly after if came out. However, it ran sluggish, in my opinion. Slower than windows on the same computer. This has never been the case up to now. So, I did some Googlin'. Found the link in the title in the Ubuntu forums. In a nut shell:

Don't know if there's a bug report, the only related thing I found was this

Originally Posted by ShadowKyuzo
But i think i just solved it here on my pc.
Do you have Compiz Settings Manager?

I did this and video playback seems normal now:

1. Go to Compiz Settings Manager
2. On the "general" options, go to COMPOSITE
3. Disable "Detect Refresh Rate"
4. Set "Refresh Rate" to 60 (or your monitor's refresh rate)
5. Go back to the "general" options and now go to "OpenGL"
6. Disable "Synchronize to VBlank"

Thanks to the original poster. It help me a bunch.

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  1. Update:
    The fault is not all Ubuntu's. The ATI video drivers seem to be a problem. I got a clue when my office system, a slower older comp was running better. It has an Nvidia card. I did a little gogling and it confirmed it:
    ATI's drivers ain't ready for Ubuntu 11.04, yet anyway. I did a clean install with an Nvidia card and back to "normal" speed wise.


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