Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Joe Update

Hi all. I just wanted to give another Joe update.
As luck would have it, my work brought me to Seattle this week, so I had the opportunity to see him. We had a good visit on Sunday, though I would say he was quite a bit tired and had to disappear for a little bit to go lay down and nap. My understanding from Sue is that it was one of his more "up" days. She thinks it was actually the fact that I was coming by that kept him running. Needless to say, when he was dozing off and needed to take a nap, I fully understood. I had actually not expected to be there as long as I was. While I was there, he asked me for assistance getting his laptop connected to a MiFi so he could get online, which I was happy to do for him. He did have a very difficult time typing once we got him in the chat, but he was very happy to be there and at least say hi to everyone and read everyone's best wishes. Please keep that in mind if you see him in there again, please don't rush him. Its possible he may not even say anything at all, but assume he is reading so please go ahead and say hi.

To be honest, if I had not before seen the recently posted picture of him, I don't think I would have recognized him. Besides his beard being shaved off, he has lost a lot of weight.

Unfortunately, during another visit I had with him this week, he wasn't as "spunky". He was very tired, and unfortunately, his health does seem to be declining. Here is a post from his daughter Shana that was put up on Facebook:
This is Shana again. Joe getting very sleepy these days., as is expected. They will be giving him an IV to administer fluids and meds to help with the nausea. Prayers are appriciated. I know if you are on this list, you mean something to my dad and he does to you as well. Thank you for your support in this very difficult time!
Also, if anyone wishes to send a card to him, they can be mailed to:
Seattle VA
1660 S Columbian Way
Seattle WA 98108
Att: Joseph Roy Polinsky CLC #106
Please continue to keep Joe and Sue in your thoughts and prayers.



  1. Thanks for the update Aaron. Joe and Sue I think of you both often.

  2. Joe, Sue and their entire family is in my thoughts and prayers as is our On Computers family. This is a circumstance none of us would have chosen to be in, but we are in it together and we are here for each other. Thanks as always for the update, Aaron.

  3. I first met Joe in 1999 when I was doing tech support for a little ISP called
    Matnet in Wasilla Alaska. (Remember when there *were* small ISPs?).

    Joe 'introduced' me to Jack Imsdahl, and in turn, I put Jack in touch with
    Bruce Imsdahl, who grew up on the farm next to my family farm in North Dakota
    and they found that they were related.

    I always got a kick of walking into Joe's 'Office', saying "hello", getting
    mobbed by Joe's cats and hearing Jack or Riley say "hello" to me from somewhere
    in Cyberspace. Jack's moved a bit further off in Cyberspace, Riley's still
    around last I heard, and Barbara and I hope that Joe's journey is a lovely one
    and that while he is still with us he is happy and at peace.

    God bless us all. - tim

  4. Joe and Sue you are in my thoughts and prayers.. We aew all here for each other....


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