Friday, August 05, 2011

AlaskaJoe: From all points on the compass to somewhere in heaven

From his Facebook Page:

"This is Christopher Smith; Shana Smith's husband. With deepest sympathies, Joe Polinsky passed away at 9:20pm August 4th, 2011. We all love him and miss him!"

Rest in peace, Joe.


  1. Very sad news., Joe brought me and aaron together. he will be greatly missed:(

  2. Rest in peace, Joe. I'll miss you but, I'm glad you are no longer in pain.

  3. Joe was a wonderful man who touched many with his humor, knowledge, and grace. He will be missed by us. I am glad he has broken the mortal coils of earth and is in pain no more.

  4. I met Joe in 1999, and we've stayed in
    touch ever since. See you on down the
    road Joe...

  5. Tim Johnson7:17 PM

    That's weird! Why did this blogger
    list me as 'unknown'? After all,
    I had to sign in to my google account
    to leave a comment.
    :) For the record I am:
    Tim Johnson - Palmer Alaska (and Barbara)

  6. Tim, I'm not sure why. I do know that sometimes Google has me, the Blog Founder, log in and also do a captcha, in order to leave a comment. I can't figure it out. Thanks for checking in and leaving such nice comment in Joe's memory.

  7. Joe,

    I found oncomputers podcast when working nights many years ago. Back then it was yourself, Deepak, Gail, Aaron, and Jack. There were many nights that you guys helped me to get through my job as I worked well in to the early morning hours. I will forever miss you and consider myself blessed to have known you. Take care my friend.



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