Friday, February 25, 2005

Will EMC Make the iSCSI Market Successful?

Integrated storage leader EMC finally jumped into the iSCSI market with versions for its midrange Clariion product line, which Dell also rebadges and sells.

iSCSI uses I/O over Ethernet instead of very expensive -- and short -- fibre channel cabling and adapters. But iSCSI is a technology that has been trying to gain market traction since 2000, with modest success. It has half the throughput of fibre channel, and costs have not declined as fast as volume-believers would have liked.

My take is that EMC will help but not ignite the iSCSI market. But a hail-mary volume play by Dell could change the forecast. EMC surely wants to see iSCSI take off as high demand for fibre channel disk drives is constraining EMC's revenue this quarter.

Peter S. Kastner

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