Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wireless voice mail isn't safe

Wired News: Paris Hilton: Hacked or Not? [I'm posting this despite my distaste for the gossip ;)]

But, until all the details are released, its difficult to tell exactly where T Mobile was hacked... was it a server intrusion, individual account, etc, etc ???? has more info.

One must be active in securing your info and I discovered that some cell providers' voice mail systems validate the source via caller id. So, if the caller id can be hacked , so can your voice mail.[ Ironically, just yesterday I found the setting to do that on my cell phone, then when I checked voice mail, I still had to put in my password, and I thought to myself, another bit of technology that doesn't work, as advertised. Little did I know, this is one thing that will actually keep me more secure. Whew! :D ] Therefore, even on cell phones, one should practice "safe passwording" (did I just make that up?), is the lesson that I get from the articles.

Be secure!


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