Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Guest for this Sunday on the show

This Friday we will be prerecording an interview for the show with Bob Umlas the author and MVP, If you have any questions for this guest please send them to me at Joe@AlaskaJoe.com

Professionals who use Microsoft® Excel know the value of the widely-used spread sheet program around the world. However, they may not know the 85 tips and tricks discovered by Excel guru and author Bob Umlas, now published in THIS ISN’T EXCEL, IT’S MAGIC!.
Bob Umlas will be a guest on On Computers to discuss this tips and tricks of Excel. He was a contributing editor to INSIDE MICROSOFT EXCEL and has written over 300 articles on all aspects of the program. For 10 years he co-led New York City’s PC Excel Special Interest Group and has authored several chapters in various Excel books on "tips and tricks" and array-formulas.

THIS ISN’T EXCEL, IT’S MAGIC! is capturing world-wide attention, with daily sales coming in from all over the globe and reviews from a variety of readers. It is a handy and portable book, full of easy-to-understand graphics and chock full of tips and tricks for getting the most out of Excel.

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