Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Security Now! Now featuring episode #9

Superb Podcast on rootkits, with Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson, "la creme de la creme," of explaining technical subjects . They pick one topic a week and talk for about 30 minutes or so, and thoroughly explain the topic. Its a great thing to see two such professionals cooperate on such a desperately uncovered topic, security.

My interest in rootkits was motivated by a post at Sunbelt Blog. This rootkit detector /fixer found a couple suspicious entries, but couldn't fix them. Therefore I need to find out more info, and poof! Leo and Steve do a podcast on rootkits (insert twilight zone theme here (yes, I tried to find the blasted thing, and couldn't)). In addition to the rootkit detector above, Steve Gibson mentioned that sysinternals has one too, I am not going to post the url here, cause anybody who's not afraid to break their computer, can find it :)

I was typing this as I listened to the podcast, Steve says MS is going to, if not already, going to check for rootkits, so this vulnerability is getting more and more attention paid to it, Bravo!

All the posts at sunbelt blog are interesting, its one of the blogs that I subscribe to, in my rss aggregator.

Back to my rootkit research....


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  1. Couldn't have said it better; this was a killer episode of S.N. Bravo to Sysinternals & others who offer rootkit detection. Rootkits aren't necessarily the most prevalent threat yet but certainly merit attention, and are difficult to detect. Stay safe, folks!


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