Friday, October 14, 2005

Surprise! You're exposed - Security

I found this article fascinating and scary, at the same time.The bottom line, in my opinion, is social engineering and people's natural behavior is the biggest security risk. No matter what security processes you have in place, most of them are for inbound traffic, and the users of the system, turn out to be the biggest security flaw.

From, a $5M con "The man, described by detectives as the greatest conman they had encountered, convinced one bank manager to leave him €358,000 in the lavatories of a Parisian bar. “This man is going to become a hero if he isn’t caught quickly,” an officer said. “The case is exceptional, perfectly unbelievable and surreal.”
also from
There are two bills in Congress that would grant the Pentagon greater rights to spy on Americans in the U.S.:
"The Pentagon would be granted new powers to conduct undercover intelligence gathering inside the United States -- and then withhold any information about it from the public -- under a series of little noticed provisions now winding their way through Congress."

In my opinion, if the information exists digitally, it will never be secure, and in terms of security, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or months of hassle and, more than likely, thousands of dollars to correct.

Do you feel secure?


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