Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Windows Vista To Have 20 SKUs!!! has a list of 20 different stocking units of Vista. Some of these are OEM only and won't see retailer's shelves. Even so, it's going to be confusing, especially for support people.



  1. Here is my decoding for what it is worth:
    Windows Vista Starter - the Europe version without Media Player. Could also be the base code for emerging countries like India, China.
    Windows Vista Home Basic - XP Home equivalent
    Windows Vista Home Premium - XP Home with unknown kicker. Remember Windows XP Plus add-on?
    Windows Vista Ultimate - Windows XP Media Center equivalent plus some new digital home stuff
    Windows Vista Pro Standard/SB - the enterprise desktop edition
    Windows Vista Starter Digital Boost - OEM -- probably XP Home equivalent with Media Player for Europe

    The server SKUs seemed straight forward.


    See today's story about Emerald, the interim rollup for Windows XP Media Center, followed by Diamond in Vista timeframe. I expect the Vista MCE to be tightly integrated with the Xbox 360 as a media extender, and as a point of purchase for online content.


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