Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scot's Newsletter | By Scot Finnie | November 2005

Scot's Newletter is excellent, this month's issue covers Windows Vista and IE7 thoroughly. He also has a lot of information about firefox 1.5 beta (which I reviewed, and had issues with), and suggests the final version will be released, in a couple weeks. One also has to appreciate any newsletter that includes linux command tips (this month's is hdparm). One thing I especially appreciate is Scot uses Eudora like I do, and he keeps me updated.
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OffTopic: CAPTCHA aka word verification in comments and posts:I was at paypal.com last night, and they had an option to have it read to you, which I thought was very cool, the first time, it missed some letters, so I had to listen a couple times, and they said it was case sensitive, and I didn't hear a case reference in the file, but I thought that was a nice workaround to visually impaired people and the word verification.

-- MissM

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