Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sony to patch copy-protected CD | CNET

In an update to a story posted by several of us, Sony is working on an update to the rootkit technology.
To quote : "Sony BMG Music Entertainment and a technology partner are working with antivirus companies on a fix for a potential security problem in some copy-protected CDs."

We'll keep an eye on this for you, as it develops.


update: As I was typing the above, I'm listening to Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte's Security Now podcast, and they were actually talking about this rootkit installed by Sony BMG CDs. Gibson says that it hides files and a directory by beginning the filenames with $sys$, these files show up in rootkitrevealer . I've been concerned about BMG copy protection for several years, and as a result of this rootkit, I'm saying bye bye to BMG Music. Leo says that someone searched on and there are 24,000 CDs that may have this on it. Gibson said the gentleman at sysinternals was technically breaking the DMCA by looking into this. I consider this another example of how wrong the DMCA is. I also watch DVDs on the computer and, and I've always refused the interactual install, just for those same reasons. Leo says interactual just disables any dvd copying software you have.
The apparent easiest solution: Don't run as administrator! (Tip courtesy of Steve Gibson)
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