Friday, February 10, 2006

I'll Stay "Small Time", Thank You

It's a story about the woes of computer and tech journalism. As one moves up the ladder of prominence, more and more of this stuff starts to happen.

I just turned down a gig with a noted cell phone handset maker because of the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) they wanted signed. I simply didn't see why I should sit two whole days in my wheelchair (not to mention the travel difficulties) and then not be able to write or talk on the show about it until everyone else can, as well.

The company's reaction to this was to offer all sorts of goods for test as an inducement to attend. I have no idea whether anyone else got offered anything, but I think they were all slated to get the same goody bag as I got, just later in the process.

To the writer of the article cited above, this is a matter of journalistic integrity. To me, just a waste of my time. (You all know how little journalistic integrity I really have, so there's no sense in my trying to fly that lie past you, right?)

The article is worth a read for the way it tells you how some journalists, including those we depend on, are pressured.

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