Monday, February 06, 2006

Why I Do Not and Will Not Use GMail

The link is to an article in MIT's Technology Review. In it, the author details just how much of a leap of faith users must make to use GMail. Google has far and away the most comprehensive privacy policy in the business, but it does not go nearly far enough. The repositories of email on Google's servers are a tempting target for everyone from law enforcement to divorce lawyers trawling for evidence. Users have so little control over deletion of email that unwanted copies can (and probably do) lay about for months after the deletion command is given.

So, even though I have nothing to hide (except an ugly mole here or there, which is another story entirely) I refuse to use GMail. I simply do not trust the system or the owners of it enough to allow my personal business to be deposited there.

You might want to read this article, just so you are making an informed decision on whether or not to use GMail.


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  1. I use gmail for things I want available from different locations. For instance geocaching. its not my primary email, nor will it be, for the very reasons Jack mentions. I am concerned (maybe too strong a word) about Google wanting a cell phone # to get gmail now, without an invite. One other thing I've noticed is that, even if an email is deleted, in the browser, it still shows up when I retrieve email via POP, which is one example of how things aren't deleted. Though I do applaud the inclusion of the delete button, on the site. I got access to beta yahoo mail, its pretty kewl, but I've not had a lot of opportunity to use it, lately.


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