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5 Ways To Make Me Laugh At Your Web 2.0 Company — Business Logs

A couple shows ago, Jack and Greg had a discussion about Ajax, that I found informative from a programming perspective. When I ran across this article and thought of it as a twofer, related to show content, and a great commentary on buzzwords and clueless executives. The first one made me LOL, you have to click on to read the rest of the suggestions.... (hint, it includes a drinking game! How can you possibly pass that up????)

5 Ways To Make Me Laugh At Your Web 2.0 Company
Written Jun. 28, 2006 in Best Practices + Web 2.0

In this fast-paced and synergistic world, buzzwords get the play. Non-technical people start companies and press ridiculous deadlines to their engineers, Web 1.0 burnouts start new companies that are just rehashes of the idea they couldn't make work in 1999, and the technology you use is more important than the value you provide. Hell, VCs are getting sick of their clients making it big, so they're starting half-assed "Web 2.0" companies of their own which are off the map 1 month after beta.

In all this craziness I have to wonder what some people are thinking. I can't tell you how many ugly designs and worthless "applications" I've seen come across my browser pixels the past 5 months, but what I can divulge is the precise 5-step plan for making me laugh at you and your company. Here we go:
1. Tout your technologies like you know WTF they are.
This one is for all the CEOs who can't touch type, you know who you are. I can't tell you how embarrassingly funny it is to read blog entries or About pages where technological terms are thrown around and mushed up like cow shit in a tornado. Oh, so you use Ruby on Rails and Ajax? Sweet! Who developed the RoR framework? Is it a framework or a programming language? What's Ajax used for, slidey effects? Nope, guess again. Go take this quiz and see how well you do, and while you're at it, stop telling your engineers when your beta release date is before you have the specs worked out, because you're an idiot and they're quitting next week.
The rest :5 Ways To Make Me Laugh At Your Web 2.0 Company — Business Logs
Kudos to the author, Mike Rundle.

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