Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is DC the power to solve heat problems?

Tech Republic has an article about using DC power throughout the data center. It's a new idea that has polarized argument across the server industry. Some companies are actually putting money into the idea and others dismiss it out of hand.



  1. It could work. Cost is what comes to my mind. What's the pay back period? That's if there is one.

  2. D.C. power won't cure all the heat problems. Primarily it will relocate about 40% of it to outside the servers to a central location that can be optimized for conversion of A.C. from the power company to D.C.

    Presently most Cisco equipment is available with 48V DC power supplies, and Compaq has offered DC powered servers since at least 1995.

    If done properly I think it is a winner: remember, the telco folks have been D.C. for 130 years.



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