Friday, June 16, 2006

Partition Logic

This looks pretty good. I've just gotten done trying it and my first impression is that it's grand.

It's a bootable CD that gives all the functions of Partition Magic and Norton Ghost. It's free software and the download is quick. Give it a whirl. I'm still testing, but I think it's just fine.


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  1. I just tried it, and it works, thank God. I have the problem of my Compaq Windows XP installer having to always create a single partition during installation. I used Partition Logic to resize the single partition to a smaller size and created another 2 partitions from the unformatted space using XP's Disk Management. The program amazingly runs from a single diskette. Tried it on my older laptop with Windows Me, but it didn't work. It is said to work best with IDE hard disks and NTFS.


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