Saturday, June 10, 2006

Microsoft to ease up on piracy check-ins

Now that the bright light of publicity has shone on the Windows Genuine Advantage program, Microsoft is backing away from it. First, they'll go to bi-weekly reporting, then discontinue it entirely.

There is a discontinuity in all this. If the WGA tool is as benign as the company says it is, why are then intending to discontinue it? If it is not, why haven't researchers found it before? It's just a feeling, but I'll wager there is more to this than we have been told and it is not necessarily bad doings by Microsoft. I am wondering if someone hasn't figured out how to either spoof WGA into accepting counterfeit copies or to attack a system running XP with the WGA software installed. Hopefully, we will find out soon.


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  1. I thought this article was an interesting addition to the article Jack cited.,2180,1974864,00.asp


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