Monday, July 31, 2006

Teblog: Internet highway or dirt track?

This picture exemplified the Net Neutrality Debate for me.

[h/t]Teblog: Internet highway or dirt track?


  1. I really think that picture is a poor analogy, personally. The whole idea behind a tiered internet is to create a second, faster tier than we have now for things that absolutely cannot afford latency problems. For instance, voice communication, high definition video, or time-sensitive instantaneous communications--for instance a doctor performing surgery with a robotic arm across the country via the internet.

    All of these things need to be free of blips and bumps, and for this reason it makes sense to offer a "fast-track" for those types of services.

  2. Ah, and here I thought that Net neutrality had already thoroughly been described by Ted Stevens, he he.

  3. Well he make his insightful comments after I wrote the article.

    Of course I'm kicking myself that I didn't realise it was just a series of "toobs" and that I could even send people "internets".

    Perhaps I should be fired.


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