Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Apple to Kill Off User Forums and Sack Moderaters

In a move that reinforces the perception of some that Apple is losing touch with it's user base, the company has decided to make the user forum moderator team redundant and close the forums.

It's always been a rocky ride for the forums. While they did serve to inform users in many ways and provide early alerts of problems for the company, there were some questionable decisions of moderating threads critical of the company or dealing with problems that the company had not yet admitted to openly.

Personally; I think this is a really bad move by Apple, but the forums may well be replaced with something better. One can only hope.


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  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Why a company would think killing off its own forum would stop complaining and disseminating discussions of issues related to its products is beyond me. With the internet, they'll never quash the discovery of common problems with a product. More than likely most Mac owners have heard about sites like macfixit.com. At least having the forum on Apple's own site gives one an impression that the company wants to know about issues owners are having and are eager to address these issues. As a recent owner of my first mac computer, I was glad to have the forum to check before updating OS X updates and other updates. I was well prepared for any problems with the latest OS update because I read the forum regarding how to make a backup of my current setup.

    Oxnard, CA


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