Wednesday, August 30, 2006

California passes Wi-Fi user protection bill

California is on the verge of mandating warning messages on wireless and other internet access gear regarding it's use in unsecured configurations. Survey after survey shows that most home wireless setups are not secured in any way. Relatively few business wireless access schemes are secured, though the percentage is not as low as that for home networks.

A recent online chat with an R&D staffer at NetGear revealed they are willing to sell wireless gear that will not allow an insecure connection to be set up. However, their research also showed that such a device would be overwhelmingly rejected by consumers, even given price parity with other gear!

I have no idea what the solution is, but something must be done. Mandating warnings seems pretty pale, though, given the wide awareness of security and the consumer's evident unwillingness to take steps to be more secure.


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  1. I just read it. It is still not final as it is awaiting the guvinator's signature. It is good in several respects. It is limited to producte intended for home or home office use. It is limited to products use unlicensed spectrum. It give manufactures a number of low cost ways to present the warning. It maintains consumer choice whether to implement security or not, or what kind of security to implement.


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