Monday, August 28, 2006

Mark Shuttleworth; One on the Chin - Updated

The link is to Mark Shuttleworth's personal blog. For those of you who do not know, Mark is the money and the driving force behind the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution. Ubuntu and it's derivatives are currently the most popular deskto Linux flavor and doing reasonably well in the server space, though it is plainly targeted at desktop users. Ubuntu is based upon Debian, which is the reason it is also seeing server usage. Debian is well suited to that and apparently Ubuntu only slightly less so, even in it's present form.

In the blog entry, Mark takes full responsibility for the problems with a patch to X that the distro had this last week. He also accepts all the virulent criticism they received. That is the way it should be, of course. The Ubuntu team knows such things are unacceptable and says it aloud. They vow to change whatever needs to be changed to keep it from happening again.

The entry is pretty short and well worth a read.


Here is an article with more particulars than Shuttleworth's blog post. Though I talked about it on the show, I thought I had best put up some details.


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