Saturday, August 19, 2006

Writely registration is now open!

Google has put Writely up for users to try. Remember when you sign up that it is a beta and you're supposed to be hunting bugs.

I've used it. It works better than any previous version and I think it approaching the level of usefulness that will be demanded by most folks. You power users of word processors are going to wait for a while to get all the features you need.

If you don't mind a little bug documentation, this is a good thing to check out. It's also a fine demonstration of an AJAX web app and as such it really does fire up my imagination..


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  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Thanks Jack,

    I'm going to try this right away. I'm having someone who sends me MS Word documents that I can't seem to read after she has sent them as attachments. She also doesn't know word well enough to figure out how to change the format to plain text to resend that way. This way, she can just copy and paste.

    Oxnard, CA


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