Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Net neutrality push expected to resume in Congress

The nation's soon-to-be largest telephone company may have caved to certain Net neutrality commitments for the sake of a merger blessing, but a renewed push for more sweeping rules could return to Capitol Hill as soon as this month.
If you haven't sent a letter or email to your person on Capitol Hill, DO IT NOW!
This is very important !


  1. Some more info why net neutrality is so important.
    Save the internet video and links

  2. AlaskaJoe,

    I appreciate your civic activism but I would encourage you to read this post about net neutrality to get the opposing viewpoint. Net neutrality is a distraction that organizations like Google, Amazon and eBay are pushing.

    I work with the Hands Off the Internet Coalition and we see net neutrality as a hindrance to innovation and progress.


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