Monday, January 01, 2007

Wake up: quad-core is overkill!

This confirms my thinking that the average user can now easily afford far more computing power and capabilities than they will ever need. Trust me when I say this is something very hard to communicate to many users. Evidently they think they are still in 1998 and have to buy every single FLOP they can afford in order to get anything done.

That mindset is 'way out of date and will lead to an almost uncountable amount of money being spent unnecessarily. More than ever before; users and those of us who help them make purchases need to think carefully about what they need and simply buy to fulfill their needs, plus some indeterminate amount of power to accomodate the future needs. Almost none of the users I serve needs the power available in many affordable machines now and I don't want them to pay the freight or the added energy bills over-buying will impose on them.


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  1. But wait, the trend in multi-core silicon will deliver somewhere between 64 and 256 cores in five years or soin mainstream systems, depending on how the cores are used. That horespower will blow away conventional apps and user interfaces once the software catches up.


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