Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Links from the Gregg Zone!"

Joe is playing around with the new Vista O.S. these days so I thought I’d look around and see if I could dig up some interesting sites that might be related.

a) This is a N.P.R. interview with Bill Gates on the release.

b) This is a site with some tips and shortcuts.

c) Another tip site, with some additional stuff.

d) This site compares Linux, and Vista, thought it had an interesting take on why Linux is not used more in the market place.

e) At the time I captured the link 574 video clips dealing with vista, would suggest staying to 3 stars and up, unless the clip has had less than 100 views, or sounds interesting.


2) I thought I would offer some fun but educational kid’s sites that I have come across. I have found some of the more complicated subjects I get interested in, are easier for me to grasp if I search for sites aimed at students. It has proven to be a useful tactic for me when I’m trying to understand something I know very little about. I usually I start at the high school level; college level is about the same as a book, or even more complex. I hate to admit it, but on occasion I have even started at the lower grades, but that’s life in the Gregg zone.











These are mostly about government because that was the area I was looking into when I thought about highlighting them, if anyone thinks this is a good idea, would like more like this, but on other subjects let me know, and I will start saving them as I find them.

3) I decided to write a little something about , ebay can be a very interesting pastime. It is pretty amazing the items that you can find there. I learned if you want to buy something it is worth looking to see if it is at ebay. I was going to set up a second monitor in my living room to go with my HP media center, to do this I needed a 25 foot vga monitor extension cable, looking at the normal sites on the internet I found it ranging from $45.00 to $65.00, on ebay I found the same cable, same brand everything, new sealed for $12.50. The most recent example was one have been an interest in for a week or two, the Satellite on T.V. on Your P.C. soft ware, (see below), when looking at sites on the internet I found prices ranging from $19.95 to $199.00, Price range at ebay from $1.74 to $14.95. While I am sure there is a vast difference in the soft ware qualities, and I intend to do a lot more investigation I just wanted to point out the difference on price.

Now for a few little tricks; if you are looking for a particular item especially a collectable, try looking for it in the search engine, but try various misspellings. The angle here is that if someone misspelled the item in the title line, very few people will find it, unless they spell it the same way, hence no bidding competition. I’ve seen things that should sell for a hundred or more going for four or five dollars. You can enter several misspellings in the area that will email you about a new listing, patience can payoff, you can even find something to buy, only with the idea of reselling it. If you have a specific area of interest and would like to see lots of related items, but looking for deals. Try typing in a general search topic like civil war, as opposed to civil war badges, buttons, etc. However the trick here is to do it at a very odd time, say from 2:00am to 5:00am. A person who does not properly select a good end time for their auction, say, entering am instead of pm will lose most of the late action. At those odd times there are very few people bidding, your only real competition will be the advance bidders, using a service, or the ones who guessed the end price.

If you are interested in more tips on ebay let me know I’ll do another segment, maybe dealing with selling, or some of the very strange things out there. Like how to buy the stuff confiscated at air port security checks, Fiji mermaids, and some other interesting stories related to ebay.

4) I’m really looking for some input in this particular area, it seems there is a awful lot of stuff out there on this subject, and I’m extremely interested, but I’m really limited in my knowledge as to how these things work. What I am looking into is the Free Satellite T.V. on your P.C. downloadable software. The promises run up to 3200 T.V. stations world wide, allot of them in high def., plus thousands of radio stations. I have found many sites, selling lots of different packages; prices range from $1.74 at ebay up to one I saw for $199.00 quite a spread.

My understanding is (and I may be totally off base) the main differences between the programs is in the format for sorting, and locating what you are looking for, a T.V. guide with 3200 stations would be ridiculous, some of the download sites show screen pictures breaking things down by country etc. some show nothing, I would guess they leave you lost and confused. I’m sure there must also be differences in resolution, audio quality, and maybe stuff like recording, searching, etc., but I would think the actual part of the software that captures the signal off the internet would be basically the same.

The idea of telling my cable company to take a hike, really appeals to me, everything I have read says it is 100% legal, some of the software review sites say that some of the programs work extremely well, while the majority are a waste of money. I need to know how to sort it out. The idea of being able to hook all of my televisions up to the computer, and watch T.V. from different countries all over the world for free is amazing to me, please let me know what you think about this.

Here is some of the sites I looked at a google search will turn up many more:

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