Monday, February 05, 2007

Thoughts on Comments re; NVidia Driver Mess

As those of you who listened to this week's show know, I sided with NVidia in this. I know just how hard it is to accomodate the DRM in Vista and DirectX 10. I've spent over 50 hours reading the specs and documentation on just how things have to be.

So I found it rather strange that NVidia fanboys have taken such exception. I have deleted comments containing foul language regarding this and received over 50 emails, not one actually reflecting my position on this matter. I don't really appreciate being cursed, though I can live with it. The threats against me I can live without and ask those who are so incensed at me to download the show and hear exactly what I had to say before leaping to conclusions because I posted a news item. That item does not reflect my position at all.


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  1. Hey Jack,
    All those people listen to the show??? If so that's excellent and one way to tell what the listenership is. :) Although, I abhor the lack of common decency that seems to thrive on the internet.

    DRM is a "gift" from the RIAA and MPAA. Microsoft, Apple, NVidia and consumers are all victims of the Recording and Movie Producing consortiums that have determined their customers are thieves. Lets put the blame where it belongs.


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