Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Links from the Gregg Zone!"

1) It just amazes the heck out of me how interesting it can be cruising around the net looking for something. One day last week I found in my pocket, a 1983 penny without a copper coating. Thinking it might be worth something I started looking into it on Google. It seems if you have a 1983 copper penny it may be worth a bunch, but not zinc, only worth a penny, no surprise. But, as the radio guy Paul Harvey says; “Now for the rest of the story”. I found out that people are now hording pennies not the copper ones, the newer zinc ones, seems the melt down value is at .8 cents, and they are speculating it will go up. Arizona is the main pusher to abolish the penny, because they will make tons of money on copper, if the nickel replaces the penny, HUH!! Here’s the site check it out. I found out how to melt down three pre 1982 penny’s and five post 1982 penny’s and make brass. This site will tell you how to do it. . Here is a site that mathematically, in a very scientific way, breaks down everything involved to determine if a penny is worth picking up, pointless but interesting. everything2.comSaved the best for last, just shows how it can pay off researching the mundane stuff in your life, I thought it was pointless to look at my pocket change since they converted everything in 1964, and 1982 this site tells you the ten top most valuable modern coins. Ranging from a real stunner a 1969 penny worth over $35,000.00, a 2005 nickel worth $1,400.00, and 2004 quarter @ $600.00, there’s more but, you get the idea.

2) This is a pretty neat site, for novices like me it is an on line computer encyclopedia site, any term, or subject related to computers, explained. I still have no idea what they are talking about half the time, but it is a start. Makes me at least feel like I have a place to look up those terms you guy’s insist on confusing me with.

3) For any Art Bell fans that may be out there I decided I would start putting up some of the related links I run across, I like on line movies, I guess because they are free, any way here is a link to William Hennery’s “Star Gates of the Gods” about 40 min.

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