Friday, March 02, 2007

The Truth About Switching to a Mac

I just had to post this one. Stripped of all the hype, this person's reasons for switching to a Mac are, well, boring, mundane and featureless. That's really what switching from Windows to anything is all about. Sure, there are some hitches. There are some benefits, too. In the end, while I'm happy I'm not using Windows for much, I have to be honest and say that not all that much has changed, either.

And here I expected it to change my luck, my life and my bowling average.


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  1. The impression I'm getting from Scot Finney, is that if you're gonna use a new OS, why not use OS X rather than Vista, mostly because (I believe, its currently more secure by default) and you can still run XP with parallels or with bootcamp, which is included in OS X. This at least is what appealed to me, and made me ponder for several weeks, about an iMac or a dell desktop. Cost and familiarity are why I went with a dell from the outlet with XP Media Center.


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