Sunday, April 08, 2007

"Links from the Gregg Zone!"

1) One of the things I like most about cruising around the internet is
bumping into things I really know nothing or very little about. Some times good, sometimes not so good, or in this case a little scary. I personally have never heard of Codex Alimentarius, nor was I particularly worried when I googled their main site it looked innocent enough, the only thought I had was the site seemed very well set up. Then I looked at the site I have listed here, watched the video, clicked around some and found some strange and seriously worrisome information, want to follow my tracks click on the
Article- Nutricide: The killing camps of Codex Alimentarius link under news, then the download full pdf file. Reads like a James Bond spy novel complete with Nazi world domination plots to control the world food supply. I have not decided what I believe about this whole thing, but if even a little is true it is scary.

2) I'm always looking for another useless time wasting pastime, I kind
of like collecting something, and I kind of miss the chase when nothing is available. I'm camped out at Joe's house for a while need to think about what I can take home with me, on the plane, weight and all. So I have started something new I have decided to start collecting one dollar bill origami. Here is a link for the first one I found, a bow tie, if you know of any more please let me know.

3) I thought I would do a quick up date on the pet food recall as it
seems to be lingering in the news, while looking for an update I ran into this site. This is the place to check in if you are concerned about any thing like this regarding your pets. Here they even have copies of the notification papers to vets, what to look for in the way of symptoms, treatment, and other recalls not getting the media attention, also info on the legal end of the issue if you were damaged by the problem.

4) I have been reminded several times that this is Easter Sunday I
thought I would post a site for Easter eggs. That is the tech type, for those not familiar with them in the context of software (get that Cadbury Bunny out of your head!), an Easter Egg is a hidden feature or novelty that the programmers have put in their software. In general, it is any hidden, entertaining thing that a creator hides in their creation only for their own personal reasons. This can be anything from a hidden list of the developers, to hidden commands, to jokes, to funny animations. You'd be surprised just how many things contain Easter Eggs. This site has 10,357 so far 61 new ones in the last two weeks. You can even add new ones you may find, have fun .

5) Just a quickie for the Art Bell types. For those who know about the
Princeton Egg's, the site has changed some since I was there. For those who are not familiar you might check it out. It is an experiment in global consciousness set up by Princeton University back in 1998 using random generators it has been running continually for almost ten years now. Seem to have recorded most of the major events, 9-11, the tsunami, major earthquakes and more, days and hours before the event happens. The site is broken down into two areas, 1) Scientific work, and 2) The Aesthetic View, very interesting site, the dot shows coherence, that's new green good, red duck, and run.

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