Thursday, April 12, 2007

Interesting things found while surfing the internets

1. NASA was able to estimate the size of a Black Hole based on Chandra Exploratory's view of the galaxy. This is very impressive AND it gives me an option to put a picture on this post. ;) More pictures of NGC 1365.

2. Mark Russinovich, formerly of Sysinternals and rootkit detection fame, now working at Microsoft, wrote recently about botnets, and the logical progression of email vulnerabilities. I found it pretty scary myself, and wanted to alert the readers of the blog. Mark writes:
Botnets by Email

I make no effort to hide my email address, which means that I know the instant a new email-based virus, phishing attack, or penny-stock-pumping scam launches when my inbox floods. Most such emails are easy to distinguish from legitimate emails because of their lack of personalization, poor grammar, or low-quality images that attempt to foil spam filters. On occasion, however, I get a message that causes me to examine it a little more closely in order to make sure it’s junk. I also look out for ones that might trick unsophisticated users.

BotNet exploration

3. From BoingBoing, I see a job that might interest some. Cory Doctorow writes:
The Free Software Foundation, a nonprofit that manages the GPL copyleft license and promotes the use of free software, is hiring a new campaigns manager. This looks like a sweet gig!

"The Campaigns Manager implements the FSF communications strategy and works as part of a team to develop and implement issue campaigns and community resources, acting as a spokesperson on matters of software freedom. The Campaigns Manager handles writing, editing, speaking, and research related to these activist and program efforts; coordinates the GNU Chief Webmaster and the other webmaster volunteers to develop FSF and GNU web sites; plans and implements proposals to increase fundraising; and serves as a main point of contact between the Foundation and the free software community."



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