Sunday, April 15, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) To start off this time I thought you might have heard this story as a lot of people thought it was just an urban myth, it has been around for a while about a guy who attached thirty-five helium filled weather balloons to a lawn chair and took off to 20,000 feet over LAX. Well I found the site if you are interested, even has the cb radio audio between him, his wife, the air port, and police. News reports, maps, and anything else you might want to check into.

2) Sparked by the first site I decided to check into the availability of flight using this principle, it occurred to me that with somebody making news doing this, it seemed that if he did not copy somebody else, somebody would copy him. What I found was the Cloud Hopper, a personal balloon system on a back pack. Fly around, land, and then you just pack it on to the back-pack and walk out. Wish I was a little younger, I’d like to try it, its not a scary kind of I don’t want to, it’s more the hiking out. The guy at this site really makes it sound like a lot of fun, check it out

3) Well I suppose since this is a computer tech show, I should try to put up some of the show related stuff, when I run across it, even if I have very little understanding of just what it is, or how it works. This site qualifies for that line of thought. It seems there is a group of folks out there who like to build stuff for their computers on the cheap, and at the same time do their little bit to save the land fills. I found this interesting as I remember doing the can and string bit when I was a kid.

4) We had a sick Joe in the house this week at the time of this writing we still do not have a definitive answer to the cause, however during the process of dealing with the issue I ran across a site that might be of value to some of you out there. Joe was convinced that there might have a correlation between one of his new prescriptions, the timing was just to close. I was worried about a possible interaction with one of his other medications, so I did a search on the net. I came up with this, a site where you just type in the name of all your drugs in one list and it searches for any problems, and/or interactions, they also give advice in a general way.

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