Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beware! from BBC NEWS || Hackers target 'legitimate' sites

Hot off my RSS feed. The BBC reports:
More than 10,000 websites have become unwitting hosts of malicious software, say security experts.

Those visiting the hijacked pages risk having keylogging software installed on their PC if it is not protected with the latest patches.

The webpages compromised are all legitimate sites devoted to subjects such as tax, jobs, tourism and cars.

The sites are thought to have been booby-trapped using a malware kit, called MPack, sold commercially online.
Security experts say the attack code is "browser aware" and will tune its attack depending on the web browsing software used by a visitor. Attack code is present for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

The article concludes with "Many anti-virus companies have already updated their security software to defend against the attacks used in this outbreak." Be careful surfing out there!

BBC NEWS | Technology | Hackers target 'legitimate' sites

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