Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Gregg Zone !!

1) First up, not sure how many of you are Leno fans, but if you have not been to “Leno’s Garage” it is well worth checking out. He has a very large collection, and has a video for most of them. Some are incredibly interesting. Did you know the electric car was in New York just after the turn of the century, complete with charging stations all over the city? Check out Lenos video on the 1909 Baker. Think hybrids are new not so, check out; Lenos 1916 Owens Magnetic. Just a couple of things found here.

2) Speaking of cars and concepts have you heard about the new “Automotive X Prize” not exactly a small reward for doing something cool, more like a super prize for solving a large problem? As in twenty-five million dollars, for a car that meets the standards they are looking for. The average Ford Model T got twenty five miles per gallon of gas; the average car today gets eighteen. So what went wrong, the X prize people are putting their money where their mouth is, trying to fix this problem. This first link is for a New York Times article, this next link here is for the X Prize site with rules and guide lines.

3) One of my interests is the effect of changes in our society generated by our ever changing internet; this next series of sites is along that line. It seems YouTube is going to get into politics, I suppose when you think about it they have been having an effect for a long time. This is an article about the project up coming; You Tube is going to formulate a platform using YouTube to present questions in an up coming democratic debate, personally I can’t wait.

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