Sunday, July 29, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) Well to start things off this week, how about saving the world? This is something I ran across that I think is the greatest concept I have seen in a long time. Skyscraper farming, this is something you need to check out, a thirty-story farm in the middle of the city, creating food and clean water for 50,000 people. With 150 of these scattered around the city you could feed the entire city of New York. Use the ground floor for a store and a local shipping center. Think of the advantages; reduced transportation cost, totally organic (no need for pest control), no toxic run off into the water systems, returns farm land for parks or other needs, grow crops for ethanol, grow year round, no weather related crop loss, self-sustaining through methane heating and lighting, converts urban blight neighborhoods to productive areas, reduced need for immigration, provides local jobs in the inner city, ranchers and dairy farmers could grow feed on site, might help save conflicts over water most of our water is used for irrigation these recycle their own water, in other countries reduce conflicts over land, water and resources, my god the list is endless.

2) Let’s continue with the save the world concept. How about running your car on water? This has always been a dream for the green thinking people of the world; well it may be coming true check out this Fox news video story, it blew my mind completely.

3) This link is similar but this time lets help you save yourself. If you are at all worried about what is in your food you might want to read this one, it is about how the food industry tricks us using loopholes in the labeling laws to feed us what ever they want. I am a label reader, and this really woke me up, I will be reading a lot closer from now on.

4) Now for a couple of more edgy ones, not sure what to think about this one, if it is faked it is a good job, I will leave it up to you.

5) This last link was sent to me by Jack, but sure to bring back some memories for Joe and me, and sure to spark a reminiscent conversation of our earlier adventures. I’m looking forward to playing in the archives here. Thanks again Jack.

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