Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Make a video about gmail!

Long story short....
On BoingBoing they pointed to a link [Best Robot movies] on that combines a page of videos and plays them all at one time. This morning, while listening to net@nite, I saw a link to a video dramatizing a gmail traveling across the globe. Very amusing video, with 41 responses. I thought another excellent use for!! And it worked! Most of the videos are really short, and some made me LOL, some made me go awwww, they have everything. Enjoy! I was hoping someONE that reads this will make a response (hint, hint)!

Gmail original video link to original and all responses.

I hope the links work for y'all... It was a little tricky, I believe its frames. If you post a response, please post the link here, I'd love to see it! There were 3 more responses while I was futzing around with this post. :)

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