Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Gregg Zone!

1) I owe my first link to that often referred to friend of Joe and me, the one is Southern California, the one who to be kept at arms length from the show, or at least out of earshot. Anyway, this little video he sent me, made me think of our trip to Denali sitting on a tour bus watching a mother grizzly bear teach her cubs how to hunt ground squirrels. The man on this safari bus in Africa shot what had to be a once in a lifetime video sequence. Be sure to watch it all the way through, as it might not end the way you are thinking, nothing is inevitable. All I can say is this is one incredible piece of video. P.S. You might want to also check out that video on the right, “snake swallows hippo”, I had heard that the big snakes could not handle a grown man because our shoulders are to large, this made me put that notion out of my mind.

2) Well it is time to revisit something I posted about a while ago the 3-D printer. Was the price prohibitive for you? Well, maybe not check this one out they are attempting to go after the home consumer market. They say in a couple of years they will have the price under a thousand dollars. Wow! That is less than I paid for my first computer. Maybe this company is going to be the apple of 3-D printing. It might be worth a few dollars to invest in their stock, if it is available. Be sure to watch the video on the right side at the site.

3) This is a link to a free online movie called, “The Race to Zero Point Energy”, you must know by now this is one of my areas of interest. The movie is one hour and fifty min. covers most of the current areas of investigation in the field. I thought was good, and very informative, it made me wonder where we would be today if the worldview in the early days of discovery had been more advanced, less profit oriented, and more in tuned with the planets welfare.

4) For the last link of the week, I found a story about the clone phone in my latest Popular Science Magazine about how the knock off iphones coming out of China may be more advanced, and have better features than our original merchandise. Seems China is now interested in making their knock-off products better than original. It sure brings to mind many questions, political and otherwise.

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