Sunday, October 07, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) If you have not heard about global dimming, and think you have concept of how global warming works, you may want to watch this video. Seems global dimming has been protecting us from global warming; they are related and interact in a way that has caused us to greatly underestimate our problem. While green house gasses have been retaining heat and warming the planet the particles created by pollution have been causing the clouds to act as giant mirrors and reflect sunlight causing less solar energy to reach the planet. If we reduce our pollution with out balancing it against the green house gas problem, an activity we are doing world wide, we are running the real risk of increasing the warming of the planet ten fold. The problem is very much more complex than we thought. Much of the evidence was produced by 911, due to the shutting down of air traffic for three days, that research, combine with chance discoveries during research into the pan evaporation rate, and research into the amount of solar energy reaching the planet, these statistics are needed to plan irrigation systems, the researchers noticed the changes worldwide during independent studies. Anyway, here is a link to a 50 min. BBC movie on the subject, very interesting.

2) This is a set of links from Buzz in chat, and Joe about a program to give laptop computers to kids in poor countries. I thought I had already done this, but when I went to my blog to try and find it I realized it was one of those links in a folder I keep for possible show stuff, started never finished, like a lot of other things in my life. Anyway there are several links about the program, it is really very cool, a wind up laptop for $100.00, no batteries, no wall plug, no electric plant, just educate and open the world to people with few paths to advance their position in the world. I remember reading about how those wind up radios were all over in third world countries, donated by the man who invented them, he set up factories in country so they could not only advance their society, but also provide jobs. I believe it is through the action of individuals, not government programs that we can change the world. Once again, the power of the internet demonstrates the power to change everything, by developing avenues to channel our creativity and distribute our good will. May we continue to use it wisely. First, the original site I found in my folder. The follow up site from Joe and buzz A story in the New York Times And an article about how India may turn down the whole thing Sorry about so many links, just found another on the price increase.

3) Here is a very interesting medical article about nanobodies, these are very small antibodies recently found that promise to cure everything from cancer to dandruff. What was surprising to me was that it is another of those breakthroughs made almost by accident. Being of a metaphysical bent in the way I view the world, I always think there is more to these incidents than mere coincidence, but then who knows anyway, here is the link, it is well worth the read.

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