Saturday, October 13, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) I have heard many references to right-brain verses left-brain over the years, never gave it a lot of thought, assuming most of us were in some sort of gry area in the middle. I found this test on the net, while I tried several times to make the dancer change direction I just could not do it, reading the comments at the bottom I guess I was not alone. Although the results were mixed, and there were not very many. I would also have to guess that left brained people might be less attracted to such a test, while right brained people would be more interested in this area of introspection. What I did find most compelling was the list of attributes on the side, reading the list I must admit in every category I am right-brained, and that would coincide with my visionary results. Anyway, you might want to check it out, you may find it illuminating.

2) Here is a link that might interest some, and create cries of total disbelief in others. A.B. fans will no doubt remember Michael Cremo and his book “Forbidden Archeology”. Very technical but a great read, extremely interesting if you like to question the history presented to you as fact. By the way, if you are interested in buying a copy here is a link to my favorite place to buy books . They sell new books nothing used, the list price is $44.95, Hamilton sells it for $29.95 Shipping is $3.50 for one book or a hundred books.

This link is to an article related to the subject, that being that the history of man goes way back, much farther than our current science paradigm would have us believe. The article dated 10-09-07, is about an impossible fossil found in Antelope Springs Utah. A human footprint wearing a modern shoe, with a crushed trilobite imbedded in it, they became extinct 280 million years ago. There are several other examples of similar finds mentioned in the article. Modern archeology conveniently dismisses the things they cannot explain, so you most likely will not see this story anywhere else. Here is the link to the story in the Epoch Times My personal theory, to explain most of these anomalies of forbidden archeology would be, “time machines”.

3) This one may get me into trouble, but what to heck this is the Gregg Zone. I do not know how many out there have heard about the Urantria book, also known as the alien bible. Well I am not going to get into it to much, but if you have heard about it, and are interested here is a good link. There is an audio set up if you do not want to read the text you can listen to the whole thing as an audio book, free. I am very much on the fence with this, but then, I am on the same fence with the Christian Bible, Torah, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Book of Morman, and all the rest. This just seemed to be well suited to the Gregg Zone subject matter, so I thought I would put it up for your consideration.

4) Okay here we go with link number four; those who know me well; know I cannot resist those conspiracies floating around out there. To me they are like a glass of fine cognac, you sip, ponder, and savor them until they make you a little giddy, when you feel your head spinning, and a little confusion settling in, find yourself trying to reconnect with reality, you know you are onto something. This is not quite up to that level, but as I write this blog, I am sipping on the cognac. I was reading an article they posed the question were the protesters watched, by small dragonfly size flying robots employed by the government. This question just begged some google search on my part. What I found was interesting to say the least, while I doubt the watching of the protesters, I was surprised by how much progress has been made in this area, the paper linked is extensive, but needs to be considered carefully, some times it’s conflicting, but if you are interested in the subject, a good place to start. Informative about the different types of flight, depending on size and weight, there is more to it than I realized.

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