Sunday, February 17, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) Let us begin the week with the good stuff, first up how to create plasma with a beer bottle and a microwave oven. How is that for shaking up the house hold, you will need a microwave oven preferably one that is not regularly used to cook your dinner, I cannot believe this is a good thing to do to one of your regular appliances. In addition to the oven you will need a blowtorch, is this getting good or what. Oh and a beer bottle, an empty one, wow a home run, you start it off by emptying the beer bottle. For me that would not bring the kitchen sink to mind, but I will leave it up to you. Here is a link to a video demonstration.

2) Now if that just gets your juices flowing, let’s kick it up a notch. Here is a whole lot more of cool things to do with that microwave you picked up at the garage sale to do the beer bottle. Among the unwise things to do with your microwave include titles like; “Lightning Storm”, “Ball Lightning”, “Plasma Pool”, “Tesla Coil”, “Vaporized Aluminum”, just to name a few. You may need another oven, thankfully garage sales, and thrift stores are everywhere. Anyway, if the mad scientist in you is screaming to get out here is the link P.S. There are lots more interesting things to do in the garage at this site. Especially if you enjoy freaking out your neighbors, my former disclaimers apply here.

3) One more microwave site to consider this one sent to me by Joe who found it while looking for info on his home unit. It is a little tamer if those other sites seemed a little over the top you may want to start here. The only problem I had with this one is the choice of color, one of those hard to read due to lack of contrast.

4) Enough with the microwaves, I was looking into T.V. on the net again. I cannot seem to get this off my brain, I started out with a site called hula supposed to give a schedule of internet T.V. shows available on the net. I signed up for the beta last week still no answer. However linking on to other sites landed me at this one, but it sounds too good to be true as usual. What they are offering for a one time download, in addition to the 4000 world wide television stations is, free unlimited MP3 music over 90 million songs, free movie downloads over 80 million movies, free unlimited downloads TV shows full episodes, free CD/DVD copy soft ware, and much more, whatever that means. Granted some is most likely already available, but it has me asking why am I paying cable, and Netflix if it is real. Any feed back would be welcome, anyway here is the link I was referring to package B, A is cheaper but not as featured. By the way the site has a thing I have never seen before when you leave.

5) Last a little anti vista quickie video

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