Sunday, March 02, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) To start off the week I received an email yesterday accepting me to a beta test for the Hulu site I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, when revisiting my online T.V. investigation. I was very impressed with my first visit. While I did not have very much time, because I had to prep for today’s show and I was only there long enough to watch an episode of Hero’s. The site was easy to navigate, there seems to be quite a lot there, right now mostly United States, but they say they are going to be adding much more. There were a couple of commercial breaks in the show, but only about 30 seconds each. I think there were only two, so that would be one minute, for a one-hour show, well less than an hour because of the lack of other commercials. The quality was top notch, no buffering, looked to be high definition, I’ll bring you up to date in a week or two when I have had some more time with it. If you sign up for the beta, let me know what you think.

2) Link number two for the week falls into that to good to be true file, but someday just maybe, one will pan out. I have had an extremely busy week for some reason, so I have not had time to dig into the why not’s of this whole thing, but I am looking forward to it. Convert your car to run on water, and the guide is only $49.97, however it seems there are several companies offering the same, so you might want to shop around. Sounds like fun to me, any way if you get into it let me know, after all I just bought a truck.

3) Well it is official today, March 1st 2008, Netscape has passed away, BBC’s eulogy link here, complete with firefox’s logo in the story. Anyway as I am sure we will be discussing this on the show, I am not going to go into much detail, just an interesting article information wise.

4) This is one site that I am very interested in Riley’s opinion of; I have run across many sites dealing with visual illusions. This is the first time I have found one that deals with auditory illusion. You need to read the text to understand what you are listening for. It was illuminating for me to realize just how visually oriented I am. A very interesting site, spend a few minuets here it is worth the time.

5) AS most of you know by now I love to read about conspiracy theories, the big ones, little ones and all those in the middle. I believe the best way to improve your mind, and understanding is to open it to all possibilities. Ask your self just why is a good novel so interesting, is not all fiction born from the same spirit as conspiracy. The main difference is in the perception of fact and fiction, this last link for the week is aimed in that direction. The thing I like about this one is the lack of tedious detail. The site covers the concepts without the need to explain all the facts, in the usual defensive manner I find distracting. It is an excellent source to start surfing from, I like these places that get me off looking into how diverse we really are.

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